Drug Discovery Services

FTE (full-time equivalent) based chemistry

Provide the client with a project team dedicated to the client’s projects for a
certain period of time at a fixed rate per FTE unit.
Jointly manage resources relevant to the project.
Benefits for the client including cost saving, consistency in the project team,
flexibility to accommodate changing priorities, shorter lead-times and
improvement in overall quality, responsiveness and turnaround times.

Lead generation and optimization

Provide customers state-of-art medicinal chemistry expertise to facilitate lead
development and optimization.

Process Research & Development

Process discovery, optimization and scale-up for new products or key
intermediates, production processes, investigation of reaction mechanisms and
characterization of impurities.

Custom Synthesis

Flexibility from milligrams to kilograms scale custom synthesis

Catalog Chemicals

Specialize in biaryl aldehydes, biaryl acids, analytical standards and advanced
heterocyclic intermediates.
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